Sunday, 24 March 2013

Mar(tian)s Are Here...

“Straight or Curls, you've got my head in a swirl!
Smokey or Bright, you insist my eyes to be right!
Red or Pink, my lips behold your attention in a blink!
Stripes or Prints, you are always ready with your hints!
Ballet or kitten, wish that was all needed to get you smitten!”

They are always watching you, day-in day-out! They always know; whether you wear it or skip it! Most of you all would agree with me… Right?
Honey, shall I keep it in curls this time? Do I take your breath away with smokey eyes? I want red this time, but do you think it is the bare that I should wear? Is what we ask them...
"I love it when she is jealous of my kittens…", I say; "Come on baby, you ARE a ballet girl", he says! 

It is always about those signs “they” give! And blatantly or surreptitiously we are always looking out for those signs...
Men are from Mars & Women from Venus but look at Geordie Sheffer's contribution behind the dark ballerina look spotted on Natalie Portman in ‘Black Swan’, Mickey Contractor for MAC or closer home, Kapil Bhalla, the official makeup artist for PFMI; men have marked their presence in the world of beauty and glamor, which we always assumed was ours. 
So who are we kidding? It would wrong to deny the fact that our counterparts are equally involved in caring about their appearance as well as ours.

Behold, all you ladies out there! Mar(tian)s are here! And here to stay...


  1. love the way you ve written this intro :)

  2. love the way you ve written this intro :)

  3. Yes yes totally agree with Ray... Manu Sharma superb intro! :D ♥
    Can't wait for your posts now!

    1. Ha ha ha... yes sweety.. the posts are coming sooooon :-)