Sunday, 31 March 2013

Surprise Gifts? Men love them too!!

I always had this misconception that it is OK to not gift a man, until I met my better half ;) And trust me, it becomes really difficult when it comes to literally surprise a man. Of course, a woman gives it all to surprise the love of her life (pun intended)! Nevertheless, men have always looked to 'their' set of gifts occasionally. As far as I have known men, my theory says they can be psychologically categorized based on their tastes and genre. We, women have to play extra smart and recognize the genre our man falls into. 

Tech savvy

Indisputably, this had to be the first genre! In this evolving-technology-in-a-blink age, you have a set of guys who, we think, speak in an alienated language and leave us gaping. Thankfully, we have “apples” and “blackberries” to feed them ;) From smart phones to high tech Digital Cameras, this man needs it all!

Gift Recommendation

  • Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, iMac, iPod)
  • Gaming Consoles (PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo)
  • Game Series (Call of Duty, Crisis, God of War)
  • Home Theatre, Logitech remote control (one remote to controls up to 5 devices)
  • 1 TB external Hard Drive
  • Charging Station
  • DSLR Cameras
  • Tripod!


Often, we are attracted towards the intellect of a man. What attracts the most is how reflective he is with his knowledge and attitude! Naturally, we are taken aback by his similarity to “Sherlock Holmes”, looks and mind, both!

Gift Recommendation

To impress this man, bring on the

  • Books, Telescope
  • Leather Organizers
  • Wooden Bookcases
  • Gift Vouchers (Flipkart, Landmark, Crossword)
  • Multi-tool Pen
  • Globe!

Prim And Proper

‘A man is known by the shoes he wears’ is a well-known theory used to judge a man. Smartly dressed, clean-shaven and chivalry are some characteristics that give them away. Ladies are awed by the appearance, I say. When it was the first time to gift, I never took a chance and played safe by picking up a jet black shirt for him, which till date is his best one; it doesn't matter if it doesn't fit him now, it is no less than a souvenir in his closet.

Gift Recommendation

You can never be wrong if you pick

  • Formal Clothing
  • Formal Shoes
  • Smart Waistcoats
  • Cologne
  • Shaving Essentials 
  • Cuff Links
  • Tie
  • Rugged Coats/Jackets
  • Woolen/Cotton Sweaters
  • Leather Sling bags!


Hold your breath, the toughies have arrived! Travelling, biking, sports are their regular activities. This song by Doors, “Riders on the storm, there’s killer on the road” always reminds me about this cohort.

Gift Recommendation

To surprise them, get anything ranging from

  • Leather jacket
  • Swiss Knife
  • LED Flashlight
  • Bicycle
  • Mini tool kit
  • Leather Gloves (OR half finger cruising gloves) 
  • Canvas Shoes
  • Fiberglass Helmets (or Bluetooth Helmet set)
  • Rider Cleaning Kit
  • Motorcycle Saddle Bag 
  • Hip Flask with Metal Case
  • Leather biker cap
  • Personalized Tees (Royal Enfield or Harley Davidson)
  • Adventure Sport Sessions (Gliding, Surfing, Horse Riding)
  • Air Gun
  • Indoor Barbecue (or toolkit)!


When some men are warm-hearted, a romantic at heart and don't mind being mushy, it doesn’t take much of a toll to please them. Dating/married for a while? Bring him back the good, old memories by making a video clip of moments cherished together! Love has just started to blossom? Spend a beautiful, mushy eve watching the classics viz. Casablanca, Sleepless in Seattle, Serendipity, Gone with the wind.

Gift Recommendation

  • Bunch of red roses
  • Romantic movie followed by Candle-lit dinner
  • Beach-side vacation
  • Liquor chocolates
  • Music concert evening
  • Personalized photo gifts (Mug, Frame, Pillow cover, Collage)
  • Self-cooked Dessert (Indian or cookies, brownie, pie, tart)
  • Pen down a few words or poetry & frame it on a Parchment paper.

A Few All Time Favorites          

Classics never go out of fashion! It completes a man! Doesn’t matter what genre he falls into, you just can’t take this out of a real man, the hero of your life. Watch them go super crazy with

  • Wallet 
  • Wrist watches (Digital, Analog Dial), Sunglasses (Wayfarers or Aviators)
  • Shoes (Oxford, Canvas)
  • Belt
  • Bags (Backpack, Laptop Bags, Rucksack)
  • a bottle of wine (Chianti Classico, Sula Dindori, Chantilli)
  • Liquor (for a true connoisseur; Glenfiddich, Belvedere, Jack Daniel’s)
  • Sport accessories (basket-ball, mini pool table, badminton/lawn tennis rackets, dart game, indoor golf)
  • Radio controlled helicopters.

"They" are exactly how "we" are! Choosy yet adorable ;)
Come on ladies, surprise and pamper your man with his choicest set of gifts!


  1. What a delve into the mail psyche girl!!! awesome post... :)

    1. Oooooooooo... thank you so so much Anks :-) :-) It takes so much to gift a man no? For girls its easy peasy ;)

    2. oh yes... its a lot more effort!!!

  2. Manu SHarma.... SUPERB post! and yup thankfully we have "apples" and "blackberries" to feed them.... Super awesome way of saying it :D :D :D

    1. Ha ha ha ha... even I was giggling after reading it out ;) and it definitely is a bulls eye for 'our' respective men men ;)

  3. amazing post :) loved reading it :)
    sadly my guy dislikes taking or "giving" gifts *sob sob* :( n i loveeeee giving n taking gifts both!!!!

    1. Really Poorva?? I know at times guys feel shy taking or 'giving' gifts.. but sweet heart try it out once, you might be surprise of his reactions. Though I completely understand how it must be in ur case :( :(..

    2. Nice post manu :) i will stumbleupon /reddit this but i dont see options on phone. Btw your blog looks nice on android chrome browser :) :)

      As for poorva, i can recommend something immaterial or high-valued experience (say f1 race). And start giving things without an occasion might do the trick as well.

  4. Mine is the tech savvy :P Gift him any thing related to his wife -CAMERA and he'll be the happiest guy on the planet . Very nice post Manu :)

    1. Hee hee.. mine switches between tech savvy and adventurous ;).. I exactly know how do they feel after getting the gift and then very quickly they r totally engrossed in it.. huh!!! Btw, thanks Shabby ... :-) all of you encourage me to write more :-) . Am sooooo happy to be a part of this family.

    2. You're most welcome and sorry for the late reply. :)

  5. Here I bear the heavy burden of being the first male commenter :D
    You got almost everything covered here Mols. And in a very neat and entertaining way. I loved reading it!
    What you missed is music...We love our music. Across all types. Across genres. And if its a collectible, then that much better!
    So there you go...this is now the complete guide to gifting men! Keep it up...

    1. Awwww etttaaaaa... this means a loooot to me.. yaaay yaaay yaaay yaaay... oh absolutely true bhaiya, I missed the music part.... thank u thank u for completing it.. :-) :-)

  6. loved the post MS :) someones getting ready for the JULY event :)

    1. Giggle giggle... you got it right sweetie... ;).. and btw, courtesy you for the idea for surfing under adventorous genre... :-)

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