Sunday, 7 April 2013

Are men Pink Jinxed?

Cinema and Cricket are two irresistible forces in India that drives our country crazy! With the IPL season 6 going on with full swing, the fever, I bet, will never go down!  I, certainly, follow cricket religiously which has definitely brought a certain level of comfort to my better half. Imagine, us discussing a match or strategies at dinner table ;). With this, arrives our set of best teams & players (for me, looks always supersede skills) and when they do their extra bit, the respect multiplies invariably. Recently, South Africa conducted a “Pink Drive” campaign for Breast Cancer Awareness. To support the cause, South African squad entered the field with PINK kit, I repeat, PINK kit (uniform, wickets et cetera) for a one-day match! I literally had to confirm it to believe it and honestly, this tiny gesture left me awestruck. You might want to check it out online.
 A thought was incepted – what’s with the PINK and the MEN combo! 
Imagine a guy wearing pink ankle length socks or the groom with lilac attire on his D-day :P. Does it sound like a nightmare to you? With the hot and booming trend of colored pants, what if tomorrow a man surprises his girl dressed up in a pink-like denim on a dinner date! ;) Bizarre! Let me enlighten you, research claims that men who wear pink make more money, honey :D. Oh, who can forget the famous movie scene where Farhan Akhtar gifts a “pink” device to his best friend, which made us burst out in laughter, LOL! Does it matter if they have an affair with pink? Let’s delve into it and find out what our gentlemen have stored in for us…
Casually, just another day I asked him “Would you love to wear pink?” and prompt comes the reply – “Not really! Though, I would prefer a RED!” A cloud of expressions hovered around my head! Easily I could figure out, they have politely bifurcated inside their head – “PINK” is exclusively for women. Is it? Says a tech-savvy friend of mine, “I own a pink “thing” in my closet only because I got it as a pack of 3.”  Some courteous men also say, “We have been gifted a Pink Shirt from closed ones; we do wear it!” The perception herewith stands that; they would never pick anything pink on their own, unless it is gifted or forced upon! Without even thinking twice, I assume that they would not mind it! Another close source confesses, “I do have a pink shirt and a red trouser and I am pretty confident about my sexuality! I am cool with this till the time it is a decent shade (read, no bright or lilac shades). Some men make an issue out of it, when it is not even one.”  Now this must get a “thumbs up” clearly. Who, on earth, for God’s sake decided what color a certain gender must stick to? If your eyes fall for it, just get it. There is more to this, a tall dark handsome acquaintance believes, pink looked perfect on him when his fitness was intact. However, he has now compensated with a pink tie. Very openly he shares the important fact – it provides him a unique quotient which stands apart from others wearing blues or blacks. Fair enough :)
There comes no sunshine without rain, does it? For a few of them, it is absolutely no-no for a color very dear to women. Even the slightest consideration is out of question and here the sweet “sister-rival” RED steals the show! GOSH - A straight Facepalm! Their strong belief is that Pink symbolizes empathy and femininity and falls under the category of “mushy” colors. But so does the sweet sister ;). But still Red clothing, kerchief, pullover or even a pair of shoes is way too comfortable to them.
Let’s consider the other side of the coin. Remember my cloud of expressions ;) it was screaming aloud and continuously poking me, seeking the urge to ask! Why?? He ADORES every pink on me!! When I walk with a pink lip stain, wearing that baby pink nail paint, clutching my wavy hair with a cute little clip-on; compliments flow in – genuinely!  My colleague wants a present delivered at his girlfriend’s door step – he blindly picks a jute bag, of course a bright pink one (oh what a “Colgate Smile” he gives after knowing GF’s happiness). While my cousin seeks a suggestion for his little angel and he steps inside Bonsai requesting a gift wrap of a beautiful Barbie, posing in a lavender frock!  They would surprisingly hand-pick magenta curtains on those white-colored walls or pink-base sheets/cushions to grace our home, sweet home.
Men, I tell you, feel weak at their knees while watching Kareena or Katrina create the oomph factor in ‘Halkat’ or 'Teri Ore', respectively! Ah! There starts an unstoppable fantasy! What a clean chit they offer saying that, it is the skin tone that matches the color thus, always attracting their retina! Hmph! This, altogether, is a different chapter to blabber about ;).
If I were to believe, pink is for sure no jinx to a man. Some like it on women, few want it for them! To add elegance they keep it plain, to bring transformation preference shifts to bold. It may not become a new Blue in their wardrobe, nonetheless they do connect to it, directly or indirectly…

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  1. Well said and nice write up :) ...but I think everyone tries to attribute pink to feminism and that is how we have grown up knowing.

    Most women awareness / protests / programs associate themselves with pink (remember pink chaddi campaign, pink ribbon for breast cancer awareness, barbie dolls). Pink is being "claimed" as their colour by women and that is one of the reason why both men and manufacturers avoid it.

    That said, men does like pink to wear provided it doesnt look too girly :)